Long Term Impact of QMed in a Researcher’s Journey

Long Term Impact of QMed in a Researcher’s Journey


It is my pleasure to write a review of how the QMed Course(s) continue to guide me after more than four years of my having taken them. After my PubMed & MeSH course, I could retrieve relevant papers with exceptional ease and better precision towards the desired objective. This was something that had bothered me for years. However after the course, it became so much easier, that I began to search imaginary topics just for fun.

While literature review was one of the early benefits, over a period I began referring other online course material on QMed website, especially due to its simplicity. Sections on scientific writing simplified my understanding of IMRaD design and manuscript structuring. This was of great use as I began to write up a lot of my pending articles and/or reports with great enthusiasm.

With more and more research coming my way, several topics were referenced by me and this caused a huge clutter of full text articles in my laptop. At this point the Mendeley Reference guide did help me not only to assort but also to integrate referencing with MsWord.

Understanding Systematic Reviews (including but not limited to MetaAnalysis studies) has always been a challenge for novice researchers, I believe that QMed guidance on Cochrane Reviews helped me overcome this barrier.

I am glad that an opportunity to learn the basics of research at QMed is of great use, after so many years.

Cheers & Good luck!

Dr Kaustubh S. Chaudhari


We at QMed were delighted to receive this email from Kaustubh, who did our course as a student. Kaustubh’s email shows us great hopes in the long term impact of our training and mentoring work. Thank you Kaustubh.

We’d also like to stress that such training, if it could motivate one individual to do lots more in the research domain, it would surely help lots more medical students and more importantly increase research output.

The course material on our website that he referred to is available at:


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