Research Misconduct: A neglected plague

Deshmukh MA et al Research Misconduct: A neglected plague Indian J Public health.2017 Jan-Mar;61(1):33-36. Pubmed PMID:28218160

There is a popular quote by Albert Einstein : “Many people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: It is the character.”
We all know how difficult carrying out a research can be and how the competition is increasing to earn the credibility associated with one’s research. Major concerns faced in research are plagiarism,falsification, fabrication and more; these are growing in pandemic proportion and spreading like wildfire. It is the recent cascade in academic competitiveness, the urge to succeed instantly using shortcuts and the thirst for publications to increase the credit associated with one’s name that have led to a steep rise in these practices.

Research misconduct can have harmful effects not only on the researchers but also on the funding agencies, affiliated institutes and the entire scientific community.This is an interesting article which explains the different kinds of research malpractices and how they can be avoided.  

Full text of the article can be downloaded from the following link:;year=2017;volume=61;issue=1;spage=33;epage=36;aulast=Deshmukh

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