Workshops – January 2014

Workshops – January 2014

1. Hinduja Hospital College of Nursing –  21-Jan-2014

This  was a ‘Pre-PhD’ research methodology workshop. Two candidates registered for a PhD Program (one was an external candidate), faculty of the HCON and MSc Nursing students participated in this workshop. What was a recognition for us is that in the five day workshop, we got a large slot of four hours! We appreciate this as we always believe that the foundations of good research activities begins with a good literature search. The stronger people get in this, the better their research output.

We covered some basics about information resources and literature searching, and then PubMed in detail.  Participants were enthusiastic and did the practical exercises with gusto. It was good to note that they understood the nuances of Boolean operators and Mesh and came up with good search strategies.

2. QMed’s workshop – PubMed – Basics.

We conducted this one at a hired venue (The Xaviers Institute of Management). This time we had 16 registrations. Two were faculty members, 13 were PG students or had just finished MBBS. One was an MBBS student. There have always been some groups who seemed to be ‘extra good’ (for want of better words), and this was one such group. Some participants did every exercise correctly at one shot. Majority did everything correctly with minimal errors. The satisfaction that we derive from such a group is huge,  because, while it reflects on our teaching, more importantly it gives us the hope that these participants will implement what they learned during their future searching endeavours. 

Some feedback received:

1. Excellent workshop. Very informative. “A MUST FOR EVERYONE”

2. I really liked the session a lot. I came here with an open mind, knowing nothing much about literature search. Now I feel fortunate to have participated. Thank you so much QMed!!

3. Excellent information – extremely well explained. In my opinion a MUST DO for all medical students, especially post grads and those interested in research

4. It was a good learning session. A session which I regret not having attended before I started my thesis work. Anyway better late than never. Thank you!

We did get some suggestions too and we have written to participants telling them that we would incorporate some that were feasible.

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