Cases Database – a Database of Case Reports

Cases Database – a Database of Case Reports

Cases Database

Available at, Cases Database, is database of thousands of medical case reports from multiple publishers, including Springer, BMJ and PubMed Central. Freely accessible and  continuously-updated, this is an initiative of  the Open Access Publisher – Biomed Central.  (As of 6 Aug 2013 – 27784 peer-reviewed medical case reports from 250 journals)

The About US section of the Cases Database mentions

“Documenting a patient’s case history to inform physicians how the patient has been evaluated and the subsequent progression of his or her disease is arguably the oldest method of communicating medical evidence. And in the 21st century case reports play an equally important role.

By aggregating case reports and facilitating comparison, Cases Database provides its target audience of clinicians, researchers, regulators and patients a simple resource to explore content, and also  identify emerging trends, this by aggregating case reports from well known resources and also facilitating comparisons
There are excellent search options – very easy to follow!  If you already have a BioMed Central account,you can login and then save your searches, get alerts and more. Definitely a great learning resource!
More reading about Cases Database:

About Us section of the Cases Database

BioMed Central’s blog – Embrace “information overload” with Cases Database  announcing the launch of the Cases Database

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