Social Media Workshop for NGOs, organized by iVolunteer Mumbai. June 29, 2013

We have been using Social Media for the last few years, and it has been through these that we have reached out to so many of you. And many of you have helped us reach out to more. Which is exactly what Social Media are for and we know it all – right?

Well – for all that we know about anything, we discover there is more to know. And that made me (Vasumathi Sriganesh) attend this workshop. With a small group of just 5 – 6 participants, we all got an intense learning experience. Neha Shrivastava of ¬†iVolunteer later requested me to write a blog post of my experience for them. So, rather than repeating all that here, I will provide a link to that post. Happy reading – and don’t miss doing that!

My blog post for iVolunteer

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