Combating plagiarism: a shared responsibility.

Combating plagiarism: a shared responsibility.

Rathod, Sujit.

Combating plagiarism: a shared responsibility.

Indian Journal of Medical Ethics. 2010; 7:173-75.

Cut, copy, paste – is so easy to do that many people do it! We once had a journal editor sharing with us, how an author had taken one of his publications, simply reordered the paragraphs and submitted the same! While most authors do not go to this extreme, we still do see many instances of plagiarism, which we suspect are mostly due to ignorance of details. This article by Dr. Rathod specially highlights the responsibilities of the scientific community as well as observers and readers of articles to tackle this problem. He recommends steps that we need to take and specially highlights the need for awareness promotion right from the student level.

Appeared in QMedCONNECT Vol 3, Issue 7-8, July-Aug 2010

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