PubMed Redesign

PubMed Redesign

1. PubMed Redesign. In the end of October 2009, PubMed – one of the worlds largest indexes to peer reviewed medical journals, underwent a complete redesign. The new interface was launched with the objective of introducing an “easier to use” interface, while promoting scientific discovery. (More details in the NLM Technical Bulletin). Our observations have been that while certain features are better, there are some utilities that need more clicks in the new interface! We have updated our manuals and presentations, and participants of our recent programs have been really happy that our programs have made it much easier for them to use the new PubMed.

2. PubMed Customization. PubMed can be configured to show which articles in your search results are available in your library.


The picture above shows the number of articles available in the KEM and NIRRH libraries, for the search done.


Appeared in Volume 2 Issue 11 of QMedConnect

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