Writing a model research paper: A roadmap

Tullu M., Karande S. Writing a model research paper: A Roadmap. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine. 2017;63 (3):143-146.  Full text We all know that research writing is something all health professionals have to do in their careers. Many often find it a little daunting in the absence of proper understanding of the basics of academic writing. These basics […]

“Smart” Search Service for Journal Articles

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) has come up with a solution for managing information overload. Many such efforts have been around and more will happen. The AI2’s solution is – “Semantic Scholar.”  It is a free, nonprofit, academic search engine for research papers in computer science and biomedical fields. It utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) […]

Guest post: Dr Jessy Joseph, Program Specialist, IAVI

Dr Jessy Joseph

It was in the year 2012, during my post-graduation at the University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi that I was introduced to QMed. I attended a workshop that QMed conducted in UCMS.  I had also heard about them from some of my colleagues. Earlier my professors had provided a brief introduction to literature search. However, I was […]

Short course in Biostatistics

Thirty-Sixth Short Course in Biostatistics The Biostatistics Resource and Training Center, Department of Biostatistics at Christian Medical College, Vellore is organizing the thirty-sixth Short course in Biostatistics from November 20 – December 05, 2017 at CMC Vellore. The course is mainly designed to train researchers of varied professions and statisticians to competently handle health/medical data and be […]

Science Communication to the General Public

Brownell SE., Price JV.,  & Steinman L. Science Communication to the General Public: Why We Need to Teach Undergraduate and Graduate Students this Skill as Part of Their Formal Scientific Training. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education. 2013;12(1):E6-E10. PMCID: PMC3852879 Do you think that communication of science to the general public is a responsibility of scientists? If the […]