A tool for fetching free articles

Kopernio (previously known as Canary Haz ) is a browser plugin which enables researchers to surf multiple journal websites on a single interface. Behind the scenes Kopernio will search open databases and (where possible)  find the best version of the paper for you. It integrates with Google Scholar and PubMed so that it gives you a notification […]

Guest post: Students Research Forum of the SKN Medical College, Pune

QMed always enjoys doing events for or organized by Undergraduate medical students, because they are an audience that loves to learn, and they take great efforts to organize events. Here we share a Guest Post by the students of the SKN Medical College, Pune —————————————————————————————————————————– We, the members of the Student Research Forum – SKNMC […]

17th FERCAP International Conference – November 20 – 22, 2017

The Forum for Ethics Review Committees in India (FERCI) is set up as the national chapter of FERCAP (Forum for Ethics Review Committees in Asia-Pacific), which is an initiative undertaken by WHO TDR. The objective of this body is to improve understanding and implementation of ethical review of biomedical research in India, with relevance to local […]

Structured Abstracts – Some Interesting Learning

Structured abstracts are abstracts that have clear sections, and not just a full paragraph (as abstracts of the past used to be). These kind of abstracts first evolved in 1987. The IMRAD format is the most common structure for a structured abstract, but other formats are also used. Why did structured abstracts emerge? It made […]

Workshop on Diagnostic and Screening test Evaluation–Imperfect Gold Standard, Meta Analyses and Application of Latent Class Models – October 9-11, 2017

This course’s main purpose is to impart basic knowledge in understanding the principles and practice of Diagnostic and Screening testing, specifically to assess the reliability and validity of those tests. It is tailored to medical, allied health professionals, non-medical faculty, and/or researchers who are interested in learning more about diagnostic test research (validity and reliability studies), […]