Medical YouTube Videos and Methods of Evaluation

Drozd B, Couvillon E, Suarez A. Medical YouTube Videos and Methods of Evaluation: Literature Review. JMIR medical education. 2018 Jan;4(1). Do your patients check YouTube videos for getting health information? The answer is a most likely “Yes”. Not only would they get them directly on YouTube, but their friends would forward them YouTube links too. […]

Short Courses on Biostatistics

The Biostatistics Resource and Training Center, Department of Biostatistics at Christian Medical College, Vellore is organizing its thirty-sixth Short course in Biostatistics from April 17-24, 2018 at CMC Vellore. The course is designed to introduce the principles of biostatistics, basics of epidemiological research and statistical procedures. It also intended to train researchers to calculate sample size […]

Literature searching and the ideal researcher

A student, academician or a practitioner of any health sciences stream often needs to search the literature. An ideal researcher should spend a small percentage of time in this activity, and much more on the main research and writing. What is the profile of an ideal researcher in this context?  Someone who has the “information […]

Long Term Impact of QMed in a Researcher’s Journey

  It is my pleasure to write a review of how the QMed Course(s) continue to guide me after more than four years of my having taken them. After my PubMed & MeSH course, I could retrieve relevant papers with exceptional ease and better precision towards the desired objective. This was something that had bothered me […]

Twenty years since of PubMed access and are our health professionals “information savvy”

Around 20 years ago, the “Indian Express” had a special publication called “Web Vision”. In the January 1998 issue, they had featured me in a column called “Web Spirit”, in an article – “Internet throws up new job definitions“. I had a copy of this issue, but it had at some time got misplaced in […]