“An undergrad medical student – and I already have a research publication in PubMed!”

“I study in a premier medical college in India. At the undergraduate level there is no exposure to research. In my second year, I applied for the Short Term Studentship program (STS) of the Indian Council of Medical Research. My project was not selected, but I was lucky to be selected to present it at ‘Medicon’. Medicon is an annual conference for undergrad medical students. It was in this event, I learned how to search medical literature from Mrs. Vasumathi Sriganesh. She delivered a lecture on this topic, at a workshop on Evidence Based Medicine. I took a lot of notes. I realized that I had hardly known anything about this!
A year later, a faculty member in my college encouraged me to submit two case reports. I referred to all my notes to do the search, and this helped me complete two manuscripts in a month! I submitted them to a PubMed indexed journal with a good impact factor. After a couple of revisions, (now that sounds quick, while I was doing the revisions, the intervals seemed long!) one morning I finally heard the ‘magic ping’ in my Blackberry-giving me the good news – “It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript for publication!”. Here is the link to my article. Thank you QMed- directly from the left ventricle of my heart 🙂 You have no idea how grateful I am for the workshop at Medicon!”


Bhavik Shah


UG student