Goodbye PubMed, hello raw data

Godlee F. Goodbye PubMed, hello raw data BMJ 2011; 342:d212 The editor of BMJ writes about the H1N1 influenza epidemic in the last year and discusses about the effectiveness of antivirals and the drug oseltamivir. She quotes another BMJ article (BMJ 2011; 342:c7258) where the authors Jefferson and Doshi, who were reviewers of a Cochrane […]

Archiving “Event Knowledge”: Bringing “Dark Data” to Light

Illig J. Archiving “Event Knowledge”: Bringing “Dark Data” to Light. J Med Libr Assoc. 2008 Jul;96(3):189-91. The author discusses how getting information presented in conferences and similar events is always a challenge to retrieve, especially considering that most abstracts are not really published in journals later. He advocates access to “event knowledge”, because such access enables health […]