QMed Tutorial 1 – A Guide to Finding Full Text Articles

Do you know that a number of items not marked free may be actually available free? And articles that you find through other methods, are also available free in sources other than the journal websites? Go through this guide to learn more

QMed Tutorial 3 – Introduction to Medical Writing

Directed at undergraduates, this resource turned out to be equally useful to anyone who is new to medical writing. It is also useful for anyone planning to attend a medical writing workshop. Covering just the bare essentials, it makes it much easier for anyone to learn more about medical writing, without being flooded with too […]

QMed Tutorial 2 – Introduction to Literature Searching

Before you actually search, it is important to know how to do a search using scientific methods of searching. This is a web based tutorial which is useful both to people visiting this site directly or to those who have heard our Founder – Vasumathi Sriganesh’s lecture on literature searching.  It tells you how to […]