July 2018

Global Giving​

We participated in the Social Impact Academy in the months of June and July. It was a cohort of 50 organizations chosen by Global Giving to teach us all about planning and measuring the long term impact of our work. It was six weeks of intense self-learning, after which we learnt the importance of the stories we tell, the frames into which we fit our daily activities, and the feedback we collect. We are proud to have been a part of this academy and are excited to translate everything that we have learnt into discernible actions.

Our standing in GlobalGiving has also improved by leaps and bounds. Our project rank has shot up (currently 16/4625) where earlier we were in a 1000+ ranking We have taken part in a campaign that taught us new ways to approach people for funding. Recently, we also engaged in an interactive session to know how we can use visual aids to reach out to our audiences.