QMed’s blogs and their evolution

QMed’s blogs have had a journey of their own! We started with enthusiasm. Then when there were a million things to do, we often missed writing the posts. Renewed them with vigour, only to drop writing them again. We categorised them – to ensure that we at least wrote one in each category per month. But still… it was not easy. We figured how easy it was to deprioritize our posts. 

And then – with several pieces of good advice and learning through webinars and more, we have managed to get very regular. So regular that we actually felt that we did an overdose in early 2021! 

From April 2021 – we will work at mainly writing posts that focus on the importance of research in India – and more particularly on the need to teach the basics of research at the undergraduate level of all health sciences courses. As QMed we would have to mention that teaching literature searching and referencing at the undergraduate level is a must. This is the “learning stage” and eager minds lap up what is taught. If UG students learn these skills slowly and steadily, when they enter the PG program, they are a lot more ready for the thesis related work. And then they are better prepared for research writing and utilization! 

We will also keep writing about the need to elevate our health sciences libraries and librarians to become an integral part of research. This is really vital to get returns on the money invested in libraries! This may take time. But building librarians who are part of a research time and libraries that are fully used, are both crucial. 

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