Nov 10, 2022: Sharing a donor story – S Viswanathan

Nov 10, 2022: Sharing a donor story – S Viswanathan

Just a month after we shared a donor story, we are lucky to get another one to share with you. Again an old friend – S Viswanathan was my husband’s colleague for several years and his family and ours still share a great rapport.

Viswanathan – better known as Vishy amongst our group, has been a regular donor and often been one when I put out specific appeals. Every time we got a donation from him, we felt so good! Vishy has been another “sounding board” just like Raman – who I wrote about earlier.

When I asked Vishy what made him give QMed regularly, this is what he said:

Like many others, when I crossed 50, I started setting aside a certain percentage of my income each year for ”giving back”, through contributions to selected causes I wanted to support. Initially most of the recipients were well-known NGOs. Most of the times, the organisation remained faceless and my contributions were probably too small for me to know the impact!

I decided that I would be happier to contribute to organizations run by people I know and trust. I felt that in such organizations I could learn how they would utilize my contributions (small or large), and how I could help further. QMed presented me such an opportunity in the last several years, and I have been very happy to be their supporter.

When Vasumathi reached out to me about QMed, what impressed me was her deep understanding and solving an interesting problem. The time and effort required in understanding, accessing and utilizing various information resources in Health Care, for Research and Practice. Her solutions are solidly grounded on her knowledge and experience in the field of Library & Information Sciences. With her team, she is on the road to share their skill building training across India. I am impressed with her deep passion for implementing her ideas to make a difference in the field.

Add to these, the fact that, having known her for several decades, she enjoyed my full trust, and my decision to be a regular donor, was easy.

I wish Vasu and her QMed team many successes as they try to implement new ideas and grow in size and stature.

Thank you Vishy from all of us at QMed! Our best wishes to you and your family.

Our current appeal

In August, we had put out an appeal to help fund the purchase of a laptop for our Technology Head – Ms Fatima. We had estimated a cost of Rs 60,000/- Three donors sent us a total of Rs 35000/- so far

We could not wait longer and have ordered a laptop, choosing to pay in 12 instalments. The total cost works out to Rs 68,344/- and we are happy that it will be delivered tomorrow. We have great hopes that we will get the balance amount of Rs 33344/- from further donations. Whoever chooses to give for this cause, please do leave a note when you give your donation, or just send us an email letting us know that your donation is towards the cost of the laptop.