Our Progress, Achievements and Milestones
September 2018

Special Lectures

TISS FLIP- Event to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship among librarians. Mrs. Vasumathi spoke of the importance of being an entrepreneur wherever you are, in whatever job you are doing- 1st September. We also conducted a lecture on Enhanced Searching for the Endocrine Society’s EUREKA 2018 on 1st September.

August 2018

Fifteen participants have completed the “Mastering PubMed: Basics” ELearning course

August 2018

E-learning update

We began our first course on mastering the basics of PubMed in May 2018. As of Aug 7 2018, 34 have enrolled and ten have finished the course. Our course is open to all students, faculty and practitioners.

July 2018

QMed invited to collaborate with The Union (IUATLD) to conduct a workshop in Bhubaneshwar for 20 participants – Medical Teachers & Public Health researchers

July 2018

Global Giving Bonus Day​

Over 4000 organizations participated in the Global Giving Bonus Day held on July 18. The highest amount raised was about 27,000$ which, grants and a bonus added, totaled $35,000. Congratulations to the much deserving “Reading Village.” We attracted 11 donors and raised $548. The amount is precious to us and a reminder of how incomplete we would be without our donors and friends encouraging us every step of the way. We also got a match of $112- thank you, Global Giving!

July 2018

Global Giving​

We participated in the Social Impact Academy in the months of June and July. It was a cohort of 50 organizations chosen by Global Giving to teach us all about planning and measuring the long term impact of our work. It was six weeks of intense self-learning, after which we learnt the importance of the stories we tell, the frames into which we fit our daily activities, and the feedback we collect. We are proud to have been a part of this academy and are excited to translate everything that we have learnt into discernible actions.

Our standing in GlobalGiving has also improved by leaps and bounds. Our project rank has shot up (currently 16/4625) where earlier we were in a 1000+ ranking We have taken part in a campaign that taught us new ways to approach people for funding. Recently, we also engaged in an interactive session to know how we can use visual aids to reach out to our audiences.

July 2018

100 PGs Update

We started our 100 PGs program in January 2017, and while we expected to complete it in six months, we suffered major setbacks and had covered only 47 after a year. But just as we were about to give up, the tides turned and in May 2018 we found a good venue and ten eager to learn residents. We got to know the importance of feedback in making all this possible- it was a previous workshop attendee who had inspired these few to come attend! Over the next few months, we got more numbers, and before we knew it, we had covered 96 PG residents. Our project is close to finished and we could not be more proud.

July 2018

QMed Participates

July 13, 2018 – Vasumathi Sriganesh was invited to participate in a panel discussion on a session: Education in Radiology: Changing needs and opportunities for the future radiologist. This was at an event organized by Express Healthcare in association with the Radiology Education Foundation. The panelists were:

◆Dr Akshay Baheti, Assistant Professor, TMH, Mumbai (Moderator)

◆Dr Sumer Sethi, Founder, DAMS &Telerad Providers

◆Dr Raju Sharma, Professor of Radiology, AIIMS

◆ Vasumathi Sriganesh, QMed Knowledge Foundation

◆Dr Deelip Mhaisekar,VC, MUHS

◆Dr Nandini Bahiri – HOD of the Radiology Department, Govt Hosp in Jamnagar

The topics covered were exams/assessments, sub-specialization and research; Vasumathi spoke on the changes needed with respect to improving research.

May 2018

Our first ELearning course – “Mastering PubMed: Basics” was launched


GlobalGiving chooses QMed for a mentoring program to increase its Social Impact

We are now part of a selective cohort participating in their Social Impact Academy, which focuses on teaching us how to plan and measure the long term impact of what we do. We have embarked on a major self-learning activity through this forum, and wish to work on the Social Impact of QMed with full gusto.
Our standing in GlobalGiving has also improved by leaps and bounds. Our project rank has shot up (currently 315/4424) where earlier we were in a 1000+ ranking We have taken part in a campaign that taught us new ways to approach people for funding.