Our Progress, Achievements and Milestones
August 2017

8-August-2017: A workshop on Board Governance organized by the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy.

This workshop elaborated upon the constituents of law and what comprise “must do” activities for a nonprofit board. The participants also got recommendations on how to have a good board and to get the best out of the same

July 2017

We conducted our 200th Workshop. This was part of our “100PGs program”

July 2017

QMed participated in a workshop for NGOs organized by Daan Utsav & Guidestar India on 24th July

May 2017

Our Founder Vasumathi Sriganesh attended the Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association(MLA), USA on 27 to 31-May-2017

April 2017

QMed invited to collaborate with The Union (IUATLD) to conduct a workshop in Shillong for 20 Medical Teachers

April 2017

The Huddle, organized by UnLtd India, an organization that had mentored us in the year 2010-11, and helped us get very focused in our goals and activities on 6th April

October 2016

QMed invited to collaborate with The Union (IUATLD) to conduct a workshop in Delhi for 20 Medical Teachers

June 2016

We delivered our 300th lecture at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College, Kalwa, Mumbai

March 2016

Write up about Vasumathi Sriganesh in Stars of Startups – Digital Magazine, 14-03-2016

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August 2015

Invited to deliver a 3 hour session at a Systematic Review workshop, jointly organized by The Union, The Cochrane Infectious Disease Group, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, and the South Asian Cochrane Centre,