What's New in QMed?
January 2019

With deep regret, we share that we lost our Trustee – Dr Anand Shandilya. He succumbed to a heart attack on the 1st of January 2019, leaving a void at QMed.

December 2018

Twenty five people have successfully completed our ELearning course – “Mastering PubMed – Basics”

November 2018

QMed’s story of change in UnLtd India’s blog 26-11-2018

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November 2018

UnLtd India writes about QMed!

UnLtd India is an organization that mentors start up / young not for profit organizations. QMed was one of the early investees of UnLtd India (in the year 2010-11). UnLtd India covers QMed in their recent blog post – Got a medical question? Ask QMed

October 2018

We delivered our 400th lecture at the Fortis Institute of Nursing, for their student nurses

October 2018

AMASI enrols for our ELearning Course

The Association of Minimal Access Surgeons of India has taken our ELearning Course “Mastering PubMed”, for all its 10000 plus members

October 2018

We got the first Institutional subscriber (AMASI) for our ELearning Course – Mastering PubMed.

September 2018

Nandini Dasgupta attends a Gyan+ Session

Our intern Nandini represented QMed at the Gyan+ event – “Organisation management and leadership development program on September 24-28,2018” hosted by IVolunteer in association with Singapore International Foundation. It was a lively, uplifting event, with a lot of learning. A number of NGOs came together to discuss the theory of change, what makes leaders different from managers, how to identify personalities in a work place, and the communication and marketing strategies we could use to better ourselves and reach out to more people. Towards the end, the participants made presentations of their version of a theory of change implementation. We internalized the model and are hoping to implement it for a number of our initiatives.

September 2018

Special Lectures

TISS FLIP- Event to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship among librarians. Mrs. Vasumathi spoke of the importance of being an entrepreneur wherever you are, in whatever job you are doing- 1st September. We also conducted a lecture on Enhanced Searching for the Endocrine Society’s EUREKA 2018 on 1st September.

August 2018

Fifteen participants have completed the “Mastering PubMed: Basics” ELearning course