A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. -LAO-TZU, Tao Te Ching

Why QMed

Ms Vasumathi Sriganesh in her 15 years career as a medical librarian and consultant realized that medical students and doctors were not trained in searching medical literature and using medical information resources. ‘Quality Medical Knowledge Foundation’ (QMed) was set up in 2007, to address this lacuna in the field of medical literature searching.

The Foundation is Set

In December 2007, the Not for Profit trust was set up to promote awareness of the importance of learning to search literature correctly. We also felt the need for engaging in advocacy with the concerned bodies to include it in the medical curriculum.

Baby Steps of our Foundation

We have been conducting training programs and lectures on literature searching across the country. The assessment and feedback that we collected through these programs showed that there was a deep lacuna in this area of medical education and a need to introduce such training in the medical curriculum.

UnLtd India … UnLtd Ideas…

In the third year, our CEO was selected as an investee of UnLtd India ( This support helped us interact and brainstorm with several experts, and helped us review our work and explore.

UnLtd India asked us a crucial set of questions:

  • What is the impact of your work?
  • What change is it making in the medical education system?
  • How will it create a social impact?
Renewed Strategy

We worked on these questions and changed our strategy –

To become change makers, capacity builders and a resource base for those in the medical education sector.

Since April 2011, we have been engaging in a capacity building exercise in medical colleges, teaching hospitals and research institutions. Our long term dream is to ensure trained trainers in every institution.