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About our courses:

For years (since April 2008), QMed has been delivering lectures and conducting workshops on literature searching and reference management, as part of its mission. Over a span of time, we have had requests to put up our courses online, so that we could reach out to a large number. And that of course was our mission too. We got our first course online in May 2018, by partnering with Mediknit, an organization that works with several medical bodies to put up their courses online.  Our courses are hosted with Mediknit.

Apart from the learning through the online courses, you get additional learning opportunities. For details – please visit our Friends of QMed page
Institutions get support through a visit from QMed. You can get details when Mediknit sends you a proposal

Latest testimonial: "Enjoyed the simplicity of presentation and clarity of information .Thank you" - (Feedback received in online course –  Mastering PubMed:Basics)
Dr Bhawana Thapa Dept of Physiology, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences
Registering for our courses:

Please visit https://qmed.mediknit.org – where our courses are hosted. Mediknit coordinates registrations and enrolments and will support you with these processes
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Current Course/s: 

  1. Mastering PubMed: Basics
  2. Mastering PubMed: Advanced
  3. Reference Management with Mendeley

Enrollments and Statistics:

Institutions enrolled:

  • Kasturba Medical College- Manipal
  • Kasturba Medical College- Mangalore
  • Sikkim Manipal University

Statistics: PubMed Basics

  • More than 300 individuals are working on the course
  • 94 have successfully completed the course

Statistics: PubMed Advanced

  • Seven has successfully completed the course

Statistics: Reference Management with Mendeley

  • Seven has successfully completed the course

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