As an NGO dedicated towards assistance in medical research and referencing, QMed has been a keen host of over 200 workshops between April 2008 and March 2018. We are proud to be associated with Mediknit- an initiative that works with the end of educating medical professionals via E Learning courses (read more about Mediknit on https://mediknit.org/). The first of our E Learning courses- Mastering PubMed: Basics, is now available to you.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to get specific results for your research request. You can narrow or broaden requests, and save the search methods as well as results. For more, please visit http://www.qmed.ngo/workshops/#WContent.

What do you get if you sign up?

On signing up for this course, you will

  1. Have access to 11 video lessons which will teach you how to effectively use PubMed
  2. Need to finish the course in six weeks and complete an assessment
  3. Be awarded with a certificate upon completion.
  4. Have access to the videos, quizzes and some practice assessments for a full year.
  5. Be able to clear any doubts you may have via email
  6. Receive assistance for literature search on topics of your interest
  7. Get advice / help for access to full text articles, that you are unable to procure

What will this cost?

The course includes a one year mentoring and assistance component – the cost of this is:

  • Rs 5000 plus taxes
  • Rs 2500 plus taxes for undergraduate or postgraduate students of any health science stream.*

What additional assistance can one get?

At QMed, we have a dedicated team of information professionals who will provide you with additional assistance, (for a donation to our general fund at www.qmed.ngo/donate-dm). This covers

  • Mentoring to conduct searches for systematic reviews at Rs 500/- per hour of our time.
  • Procuring articles at Rs 100/- each (through libraries that charge)
  • Providing full text articles at Rs 650/- each, (if they have to be procured from the National Library of Medicine, USA.)

To register for the course, follow the link https://mediknit.org/qmed. Please note that institutions should contact us separately for bulk registrations.

What We Promise

We aim for the target audience to reach a level of familiarity and ease with independent literature searching. Thereafter, they should need our help only for peer reviewing the search strategies we teach.

Note: For those who do not register for the E Learning Courses and still want our assistance, you will need to give us donations at www.qmed.ngo/donate-dm

  • Search strategies in systematic reviews – Rs 1500/- per hour of our time.
  • Full text articles from libraries – Rs. 300/- each
  • Full text articles from the National Library of Medicine – Rs. 1000/- each

*At QMed, we believe that the E Learning should be useful for our audience and should also be self sustaining. We have arrived at the pricing after considerable discussions with our peers in the field. While the course was valued at Rs 25,000, we have finalized the pricing at Rs 5,000 to ensure access to a larger healthcare family.