QMed is a unique NGO and so we are unique in our fundraising too. We get donations from our target audience as well as from the public.

A lot of donations come from our target audience, including students (partial donations) for the workshops that we conduct for them. They believe in the change we are working at.

And then there are donations from members of the public - friends and families, who also support us in the change towards evidence based healthcare.

  1. All donors are welcome to give to our General Fund
  2. If you are a student, we ask you to donate part of the cost of what it takes for us to conduct a workshop for you.
  3. If you are a working professional, we request you to donate the full cost. You may also donate this amount to sponsor someone else - maybe your student
  4. If you donate as a friend or well wisher, then apart from the General Fund, we welcome donations for the cost of a workshop for one person, or sponsoring the costs of a lecture or the logistical costs of a workshop.

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