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 Dear friends

Last month we shared about the launch of our online courses. And I am absolutely delighted to share that within a week of our launching, AIIMS Bhubaneshwar asked to sign up for institutional access to the  courses! And by the first week of July, formalities were done and we 
registered all faculty, senior residents and junior residents of the Institution. One of their doctors finished the courses very soon and went to our site and made a donation to QMed. We are really grateful for this gesture.

The next institution to ask to sign up is the Regional Medical Research Centre of the ICMR at Bhubaneswar. They should be completing formalities any time. And in the mean time we are transferring faculty and more from three Manipal (MAHE) institutions to our current site. These institutions were registered on the Mediknit platform where we had our courses earlier. So in just over a month of the launch we have five institutions on board.  Oh and before I forget we also have a doctor from Myanmar and some Indians who are abroad too. Quite an achievement!

Currently the number of registered Users on the site is

• Individuals-76

• AIIMS Bhubaneswar- 566

• MAHE (Manipal group) -787 (two institutions)

This totals 1429 users on our site.

We will soon be enrolling

• RMRC Bhubaneswar - 30 

• SMIMS (Manipal group) - 150

Don't wait any longer. Scroll down and read some of the testimonials. Go to www.qmedcourses.in and register. You will contribute to your own learning and the improvement of research, academics. publications and practice in India!  

Vasumathi Sriganesh


Lecture Webinars

Nutrition Society of India-Lecture-Webinar

Nutrition Society of India

Date: 20-07-2020
No. of Participants: 150

MGM Institute of Physiotherapy-Lecture-Webinar

MGM Institute of Physiotherapy

Date: 15-07-2020
No. of Participants: 55

Cipla - PURVIEW webcast-Lecture-Webinar

Cipla - PURVIEW webcast

Date: 03-07-2020
No. of Participants: 99


From our Blog

Literature searching - this article gave us a sense of deja vu!

Literature searching - this article gave us a sense of deja vu!

Measures of Self-Efficacy Among Doctors in Conducting an Online Search for Clinical Decision Making

Salman Bin Naeem, Rubina Bhatti

Health Info Libr J. 2020
Link: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/hir.12289

Recently we came across an article written in Pakistan, about the ability and level of confidence among doctors in conducting an online search. Reading it gave us a sense of deja vu!

The authors conducted a survey in 36 District Headquarter Hospitals (DHQs), 89 Tehsil Headquarter Hospitals (THQs), 293 Rural Health Centers (RHCs) and 2455 Basic Health Units (BHUs) in Punjab, Pakistan.

The doctors perceived themselves able to perform different tasks involved in conducting an online search but the survey outcome showed most of the doctors were 'not confident' in their ability to perform the tasks. After analyzing the data the result showed - Out of the 517 doctors, 73 (14.1%) had 'never accessed health care information online' for clinical decision making.

Read more.

Single Citation Matcher & the New PubMed

Single Citation Matcher & the New PubMed

The New PubMed was launched late last year (2019). It became the default in May 2020. The old PubMed (now called the legacy PubMed) is still available at https://pmlegacy.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/ and is likely to be available till at least end Sep 2020.

Many people want to know how the new PubMed is different - apart from the look and feel, of course. Here we demonstrate one important change in the way technology works:

The Single Citation Matcher:

The job of this tool is to help you find an item in PubMed, in case you do not have the full bibliographic details, or you have them with one or more errors. Let us take example: you attended an event where the speaker put in this reference to support some matter in a slide:
Ma RCW, Holt RIG. COVID-19 and diabetes. Diabet Med. 2019;37(5):723-725.

Go to the Single Citation Matcher in the Legacy PubMed - https://pmlegacy.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/citmatch and type in the above details in the respective boxes as shown in the figure below (For the journal title, you can just type the abbreviation Diabet Med - and a drop down will show you the full title; you can select it)

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A New PubMed calls for New Online Courses

A New PubMed calls for New Online Courses

We once again needed a break - as we finalized our new online courses. But YES - here they are! Our brand new site for our courses - www.qmedcourses.in has been up for about three weeks. We have three courses:

Introduction to Resources and Literature Searching:
This one is targetted at students and new residents, but it is turning out to be useful to many more!. It helps one understand different types of information resources and the very basics of literature searching

Mastering PubMed
Most importantly - this one is based on the New PubMed - which has replaced the old as of mid June. While the old can still be used at https://pmlegacy.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/, it will be available only till end September.

Read more.


Testimonials Received for our Online Courses

Akshay Phalak, Student,JIPMER

It was a great learning experience. As I'm going to start my PG training soon, hopefully I'll have an easier time accessing information on PubMed for scientific articles.

Course  –Information Resources and Literature Searching

Vishnu Priya S, Public Health Dentistry

You have provided a very detailed description of all the aspects of PubMed which is totally satisfactory. Thank you so much ma'am for enlightening us with the much required concepts!!

Course –Mastering PubMed

Ramachandra Barik, AIIMS, Bhubaneshwar

I have reviewed more than 300 journal articles for National and International journals and was always interested in using the citation menu in Microsoft Office but could never figure it out. Once I completed QMed’s, Reference Management with Mendeley course it strengthened my acumen. Thanking You

Course : Reference Management with Mendeley


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