QMedCONNECT: Highlights of April 2020

From our Founder's Desk

 Dear friends

First - apologies for being about two weeks late in bringing out this issue. We hope you are all safe during this serious pandemic. From our end we are praying for the welfare of every health professional and the public at large. And of course staying safe at home and doing our best not to make things worse. 

In our last newsletter we mentioned that we are preparing to revamp our online courses. We did exactly that during this "Work from home" phase. We are moving our courses to our own home and also making major changes

The major change is for PubMed. The NLM USA had announced that sometime in May 2020, PubMed will move to a new home and the "Old PubMed" would be retired. Later they announced that it would happen around the 18th of May. And then they retired the old one sooner - currently only the new PubMed is active. 

We have created our PubMed course entirely with the new PubMed. Then we have made a single PubMed course, instead of "Basics" and "Advanced". We are also introducing a preliminary course - "Information Resources & Literature Searching", which is more for students, but we believe many more may find this useful. And then there is Reference Management with Mendeley

Right now all the videos are done and uploaded. We still need to add the MCQs, Assessment, Certification and we have some loose ends to tie up. This update is as of today - May 14, 2020. We will be ready very soon. 

It is a great feeling that a small team of three people achieved all this, working from home, with several constraints. Well, when we have a mission to reach out students and professionals of all health sciences streams - to every nook and corner of India, I guess nothing stops us!

 Watch out for updates. !

Vasumathi Sriganesh


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