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September 2023

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The QMed Team

Our CEO's Posts

The last two months have been "wonderfully hectic". Conducting several workshops and delivering so many lectures - I did what I love most. I obviously had the flip side too - I could not write my blog posts which I enjoy doing as much. I do hope to make it up next month. Meanwhile my team has put together useful resources and I hope you enjoy checking them out. We are hoping to reach out to many more in the coming months with our workshops and more!

From our Social Media Posts - "Useful Articles"

The Role of AI in Scientific Research! Artificial intelligence offers scientists a valuable opportunity to enhance their research and writing process, improving efficiency and quality. However, it's important to be aware of their limitations, review and edit the generated text, and avoid plagiarism. This study highlights limitations in generating reliable references, potentially impacting decision-making. By improving training inputs and exercising caution, we can harness the power of AI responsibly and produce meaningful research more effectively.
Explore the latest articles on the emerging field of AI advancement. Read here

From our Social Media Posts - "Did You Know"

Outbreak.info serves as a data integration tool to make COVID-19 data more usable. The platform tracks case and death trends around the world and across states/counties with interactive maps, location comparison tools, data tables, and more. Read more

Lectures, Webinars & Workshops

  • 04th Sep – Literature Searching & Referencing – Lecture at APM’s Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Sion
  • 06th Sep – Search of Learning resource material – Webinar for first-year BSc (Hons) Nursing students of AIIMS Kalyani.
  • 15th Sep – Literature Searching & Referencing – Webinar for the Foundation Course at AIIMS Kalyani.
  • 16th Sep – Literature Searching – Webinar for DM/DNB students (Cardio, Endo) across India supported by USV
  • 1st Sep – Literature Searching & Referencing – Workshop for 28th IPHA IAPSM AP State Joint conference, GIMSR Visakhapatnam
  • 12th Sep – Literature Searching & Referencing – Workshop at AFMC Pune
  • 22nd Sep- Literature Searching & Referencing – Workshop at Karamsad – Public Health
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QMedCourses News

Courses Statistics:
Individuals Joined - Around 117
Course Completed:
I) Information Resources & Literature Searching - 10 individuals
II) Introduction to Referencing - 9 individuals
III) Mastering PubMed - 1 individual
IV) Reference Management with Mendeley - 1 individual

Currently we have participants including 12 institutions and 1493 individuals registered for the courses

Testimonials for QMedCourses

Course: Information Resources & Literature Searching
This course explained the proper way of doing literature search which is the most important part of research. The step by step process of doing literature search and the information about various resources was taught very well. Tanvi Khandekar, coGuide, Mentor
Course : Introduction to Referencing
The course gives an idea about referencing and also increases the thirst to learn more. The course is simple and well structured, thus helpful for new learners. Monicka Kumaravel, BDS
Course : Mastering PubMed
Live demonstrations and repeated revisions within the short videos are extremely useful to remember things well. Thank You! Ashmeetkaur Oberoi, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George's Medical University
Course : Reference Management with Mendeley
I always felt reference managing to be a very tedious job, the course made it very easy. Elaboration of all the available tools, features and tricks were very useful. Thank You! shmeetkaur Oberoi, Faculty of Dental Sciences, King George's Medical University

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