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July 2023

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  • A useful article
  • Do-you-know?
  • Our Lectures & Workshops
  • QMedCourses News & Testimonials
The QMed Team

From Our Blog - Our CEO's Posts

This month Vasumathi Sriganesh talks about the confusion that people have between the terms Literature search and Literature review. And that she is often introduced as someone who would talk on the review process, while her teaching is on her expertise in searching!
Literature search & literature review - what is the difference?
It is interesting to note, that too many people confuse the terms "Literature Review" and "Literature Searching". Long ago, I noticed this when if invited to deliver a lecture, then the topic against my name would be "Literature Review". I needed to tell the organizers that I do not teach this, but I teach Literature Searching. Sometimes in spite of …

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From our Social Media Posts - "Useful Articles"

  1. Platform trials: the future of medical research? Platform trials are a type of clinical trial that can evaluate multiple treatments for the disease at the same time. They can adapt to include new treatments and quickly discontinue ineffective ones. Platform trials have shown promising results in finding effective treatments for COVID-19 and are now being used to study other respiratory diseases. They have the potential to shorten the time it takes to bring new treatments to market and may be more appealing to patients than traditional clinical trials. Read the complete article at: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36773623/

From our Social Media Posts - "Do You Know"

FOR Equity is a platform that provides tools and resources to help make research evidence more relevant for action to reduce social and health inequalities. Developed by Lancaster University and funded by the NIHR, it offers tools like the Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit (HIAT) which is an integration of an intersectional equity lens into research. It also has a Guidance Inventory which is based on a systematic review of published resources such as tools or guides aiming to strengthen the equity focus of health research. Read More: https://forequity.uk/

Lectures, Webinars & Workshops

  • 19th July - Lecture on Literature Searching at NIPER, Guwahati
  • 14th July - Workshop at AIIMS Raipur
  • 20th July - Workshop at AIIMS Guwahati
  • 22nd July - Workshop at AIIMS Kalyani
All the three Workshops conducted under the "THIRST for AIIMS" project supported by an Educational Grant from Pfizer. Don't miss our Social Media posts on all these workshops!

QMedCourses News

GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research renewed their institutional access to QMedCourses for the second year.

Courses Statistics:
Individuals Joined - Around 30
Course Completed:
I) Information Resources & Literature Searching - 10 individuals
II) Introduction to Referencing - 9 individuals
III) Mastering PubMed - 3 individuals
IV) Reference Management with Mendeley - 1 individual

Currently we have 7795 participants including 12 institutions and 1454 individuals registered for the courses

Testimonials for QMedCourses

Course: Information Resources & Literature Searching
Course and the method of learning is very engaging. Highly useful for the postgraduate students and the young faculty who are into research. Sanjana Nutakki, Assistant professor, Pathology,GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Course : Introduction to Referencing
I liked the explanation about the difference between reference and bibliography, the importance of referencing and use of reference managers in storing the data. Reddikumar Reddy Galigutta, NIPER, Guwahati
Course : Mastering PubMed
This course is very useful for our research. We can reduce the number of hours spent on research. The content is very useful and the demonstrator explains well. Kosti Ravinaini, Assistant professor, Ophthalmology, Gitam Institute of Medical Sciences

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