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December 2022

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What do we have for you this month?
  • Two blog posts from our founder
  • Four useful articles
  • Two new resources: NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS) & ChatGPT
The QMed Team

From our Blog - Our CEO's Posts

This month Vasumathi Sriganesh shares her thoughts on how the perception of people about libraries and the role of librarians impacts societal development. She also shares her feelings about what we have achieved and what have been big challenges - as QMed completes 15 years of existence. Do read and share your thoughts!
Do libraries matter anymore?
I came across an interesting post by “Everylibrary” an organization in the USA, dedicated to building voter support for libraries. Everylibrary is a gold-rated non-profit organization; they help public, school, and college libraries secure new funding. The post – “How to Respond to People Who Don’t Get Libraries” talks about how many people do not understand libraries. People often ask …

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QMed turns fifteen!
A family celebrates the birth of a child and it often appears that in no time the child grows up. That is the feeling we got this month when we completed 15 years of our registration! What have we achieved in the last 15 years? Delivered around 520 lectures, conducted 245 workshops, launched our ELearning platform – and registered more …

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From our Social Media Posts - "Do You Know?"

NIH Manuscript Submission System (NIHMS): Do you want to submit a paper to PubMed Central (PMC)? Anyone would love this as it means that the paper will be open access and make it easy for many to read. There are several points to know and steps to follow to get this done. Visit https://publicaccess.nih.gov/submit_process.htm to understand how to do this systematically. The site guides you about several things: 1. How to ensure that your paper is applicable to get into PMC 2. It describes the four methods to submit to PMC in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy. 3. It links you to an "identification wizard" which tells you how to identify the submission and reporting method for a specific journal And has more useful links.

ChatGPT: Want answers to questions? Try the brand new chatbot - ChatGPT. OpenAI, an independent research body founded by the world's richest man Elon Musk along with Sam Altman, launched a chatbot, ChatGPT in December 2022. Available at https://chat.openai.com/chat, one needs to create an account first. Then ask a question and the chatbot answers it instantly. It is like having a Whatsapp chat with someone - you ask a question and get an answer. We tried questions like What is Covidence, What are Cochrane Protocols, What is the difference between Medline and PubMed and many more. It was almost eerie - seeing answers coming in as if a human were typing them at super speed! Really fascinating. While there were errors, it seems obvious that with time, the platform has the scope of reducing the errors pretty well. In fact right now - for every answer we get- we have an option to provide a feedback. If we choose the Thumbs up sign, we get a prompt - "what would an ideal answer be" and if we choose the Thumbs down sign, we get a prompt "What is the correct answer". As more and more people fill in the right facts, we are likely to get great answers We recommend that you read the FAQs - https://help.openai.com/en/articles/6783457-chatgpt-faq - so that you could have real expectations from the app at any given time

From our Social Media Posts - "Useful Articles"

  1. Cowie K et al. Web-Based Software Tools for Systematic Literature Review in Medicine: Systematic Search and Feature Analysis. JMIR Med Inform. 2022 May 2;10(5):e33219. doi: 10.2196/33219. PMID: 35499859
  2. Singh PK, Kumar V, Ameen S, Sarkhel S, Praharaj SK, Menon V. Publication Ethics. Indian J Psychiatry. 2022 Mar;64:S81-S92. doi: 10.4103/indianjpsychiatry.indianjpsychiatry_78_21. PMID: 35599646
  3. Raj JP, et al. Extent of knowledge and attitudes on plagiarism among undergraduate medical students in South India - a multicentre, cross-sectional study to determine the need for incorporating research ethics in medical undergraduate curriculum. BMC Med Educ. 2022 May 18;22(1):380. doi: 10.1186/s12909-022-03438-z. PMID: 35585583
  4. Saha S, Gogtay NJ. Research, residents, and registrars - getting it right. Perspect Clin Res. 2022;13(2):63-64. doi: 10.4103/picr.picr_252_21. PMID: 35573454

Lectures, Webinars & Workshops this month

Online Workshops
  • 7th Dec – Online workshop - Structured PubMed Searching
  • 21st Dec - Online workshop - Mendeley: the crucial elements
  • 5th Dec – Literature search and Referencing – FOGSI JOGI MOGS PICSEP Workshop at LTMMC, Sion
  • 17th Dec – Literature Searching – Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad
  • 26th Dec - Foundation Course -Grant Medical College & Sir JJ Groups of Hospitals

QMedCourses News

December 2022: Badges Awarded to those who scored 100% and for giving us suggestions that have helped us improve the courses / offerings

Rajashekhar Tati & Sudha Rani Balla, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research; Priyanka Chettri, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences; Himangshu Malakar, AIIMS Guwahati.
Course: Information Resources and Literature Searching
Course 3 - PubMed - 100
Dr Tarali Pathak & Himangshu Malakar, AIIMS Guwahati; Rajashekhar Tati, Sanjeev Uday Srikar Vadali, Sudha Rani Balla & Sindhura N, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research; Priyanka Chettri, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences.
Course: Introduction to Referencing
Dr. Rajani Gurung, Sikkim Manipal Institute of Medical Sciences; Mohita Chadha, Himachal Dental College
Course: Mastering PubMed

Testimonials for QMedCourses

Course: Information Resources & Literature Searching
This course helped me get a start to work on my thesis, got me introduced to all the research jargons as well as very helpful important websites. The lectures used very basic and easy to understand language and taking the quiz later on cemented all the new information, which would otherwise be forgotten. Queensly Pereira, Topiwala National Medical College and Nair Hospital.
Course : Introduction to Referencing
This course is useful in saving time when writing the article. It will help in the writing articles on current trends. This enlightened me in a bigger way. Venkat Narayana Goutham Valapala, Associate Professor, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Course : Mastering PubMed
Understood the basics well. Short lectures, use of examples and recap are very useful. Overall the course is helpful. Dr Suchitra Pusapati, Dep of Pediatrics, Gitam Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Course : Reference Management with Mendeley
Really good course to start from scratch. It was very nicely taught and was well structured. Anish Tayal, UG Student, University College of Medical Sciences and GTB Hospital

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