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November 2022

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What do we have for you this month?
  • Two blog posts from our founder
  • Four useful articles
  • Two new resources: Medical Images & Basics of Grant Proposal Writing
The QMed Team

From our Blog - Our CEO's Posts

This month Vasumathi Sriganesh shares about how she learnt the process of Mind mapping and how she and the team applied it in QMed's activities. After writing the blog post - the team has used it even more and pretty productively at that. Then she discusses an article which talks about introducing Artificial Intelligence in the MBBS curriculum and stresses that the need to introduce the skills of literature searching and referencing are even more urgent.
Mindmapping and QMed
I recently enrolled for a course on Advanced Mindmapping. I was interested in this skill for long and while I learnt the basics of it from Dr Manu Mathew a few years ago, I did not get deeper into it. Recently when I stumbled upon an online course, on this topic, I enrolled for it. It has been great learning, …Read more
The Medical Curriculum and AI - interesting articleI recently came across this interesting article: Artificial intelligence in healthcare: Should it be included in the medical curriculum? A students’ perspective The authors discuss how the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing in medicine, as in all fields. While AI is around 65 years old now, it is paradoxically still in its infancy in academics, and if …

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From our Social Media Posts - "Do You Know?"

Formerly known as PhotoTake, Medical Images is a resource collection of royalty free medical images and healthcare photography - a library of over million photographs, images and illustrations. They claim that no matter the subject, Medical Images can provide you with the perfect royalty free or rights managed images. And that if you can’t find something, they will go the extra mile to get it for you! https://www.medicalimages.com/

A tutorial on writing a grant proposal plus a good CV - takes about 4-6 hours to complete. Brought to you by INASP. You will need to create a login to learn more. Or just click "Guest login". Check out the site: https://moodle.inasp.info/enrol/index.php?id=204.

From our Social Media Posts - "Useful Articles"

  1. Mulkalwar A, Krishnani O, Rao S, Tripathi R. A.S.P.I.R.E: A student led initiative to foster a facilitative environment for undergraduate medical research. Perspect Clin Res. 2022 Apr-Jun;13(2):65-69. doi: 10.4103/picr.picr_215_21. PMID: 35573451
  2. Borissov N, et al. Reducing systematic review burden using Deduklick: a novel, automated, reliable, and explainable deduplication algorithm to foster medical research. Syst Rev. 2022 Aug 17;11(1):172. doi: 10.1186/s13643-022-02045-9. PMID: 35978441
  3. Ahmad S et al. An assessment of publishing practices and barriers faced by medical students to conduct research: A cross-sectional study from Pakistan. Health Sci Rep. 2022 Sep 11;5(5):e831. doi: 10.1002/hsr2.831. PMID: 36110346
  4. Dilip TR. Gift authorship: Two more contexts. Indian J Med Ethics. 2022 Jul-Sep;VII(3):202-204. doi: 10.20529/IJME.2022.053. PMID: 36043259.

Lectures, Webinars & Workshops this month

Online Workshops
  • 2nd Nov – Online workshop - Structured PubMed Searching
  • 16th Nov - Online workshop - Mendeley: the crucial elements
Online Lectures
  • 4th Nov - at the MUHS Research Methodology workshop - KEM
  • 19th Nov - at the Foundation Course for MBBS students, AIIMS Kalyani

QMedCourses News

Novemeber 2022: Badges Awarded to those who scored 100% and for giving us suggestions that have helped us improve the courses / offerings

Bandaru Mohan, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research; Dr. Nikita Pal, JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysuru; Mohita Chadha, Himachal Dental College & Ishita Pandey, King George's Medical College
Course: Information Resources and Literature Searching
Sarada Vadlamani, GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research; Rekha Sharma, SMIMS; Monicka Kumaravel, Dentist from Chennai; Simran Chaudhary, Banasthali University; Indira Nair, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi & Ishita Pandey, King George's Medical College
Course: Introduction to Referencing
Killana S Chanakya & Yugandhar Gandupalli; GITAM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Course: Reference Management with Mendeley

Testimonials for QMedCourses

Course: Information Resources & Literature Searching
It is very important to refine your topics and find best resources for your projects. This session helped me to understand how to do a better literature searching. Some issues raised when registering for QMedCourses , but the team resolved the issue very fast which makes it very easy to access the website. The way the course is taught, was very easy to understand fora beginner or an expert. Nishad Yoosuf, Physiotherapist, coGuide
Course : Introduction to Referencing
The presentation has clearly explained the finest differences. It is simple and understandable. At this point of time, I think it suffices my requirements. Vandana Mrudula, Dep Radiodiagnosis, Asst Professor, Gitam Institute of Medical Sciences and Research
Course : Mastering PubMed
This course is useful for students and teachers or researcher. This course should be introduced in UG or PG curriculum. The explanation and online demo were very good. Dr. Nilesh Devraj, Associate Professor. Dep Forensic Medicine, AIIMS Guwahati
Course : Reference Management with Mendeley
Had learnt extensively on Mendeley and References. Vasumathi madam's explanation was awesome and wonderful. Slow, steady and clear. Lakshmi Krish, Apollo Tele Health Services, Hyderabad

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