Vision Mission

“So many of our dreams seem impossible, then improbable, then inevitable.” – Christopher Reeve


Health care services to society will be based on the effective utilization of the best available current evidence from systematic research.


To enable health professionals, institutions, patients and health consumers working in the health care sector, to obtain the best evidence from systematic research, in order to ensure accurate delivery and availability of optimal health care services.


  • To conduct training programs to equip students, faculty and researchers with skills needed for Evidence Based Practice
  • To create high quality teaching aids to supplement training programs
  • To enable the health science community to access reliable and up-to-date medical information
  • To enable medical libraries to enhance resource-sharing activities
  • To conduct workshops for health consumers and patients to help them find reliable evidence based information so that they can communicate correctly with health providers and participate responsibly in their own health care
  • To collaborate with individuals and organizations with similar goals

Our Dream

  1. Literature searching and referencing training to be part of the medical education curriculum
  2. Trained professionals in every teaching institution to teach and support students and professionals in good literature search and referencing practices
  3. Every health care institution providing access to important, evidence based resources to its students and faculty
  4. Institutions sharing resources, with effective technology usage, and adhering to good copyright practices