QMedCONNECT Newsletter: April 2010


Dear friends,

April 2010 was a month where we did four training programs and very importantly finished an exciting E-Library project. The latter was for an institute located in Bengaluru, and we believed we used simple and free or inexpensive Internet technologies to provide a solution for the organization. We provide more details in this issue and we'd be pleased to discuss such a project for anyone else who needs the same or similar solution.

We have some exciting news to share this month. QMedKF is now an accredited trainer for UpToDate in India. We had the Regional Director of Asia with us a couple of days back, to formalize this. QMedKF will conduct programs for customers in India on behalf of UpToDate.

We also look forward to working with UnLtd India to get guidance on improving the impact of our work for both health professionals and through them for Society at large!

Vasumathi Sriganesh


QMedKF appointed as Trainers for UpToDate in India

QMedKF has been appointed as Trainers for UpToDate in India with immediate effect. UpToDate is a clinical decision support system that helps clinicians throughout the world provide evidence informed patient care. UpToDate uses the best available current evidence to answer clinical questions quickly and easily at the point of care. This saves clinicians time, improves patient outcomes and lowers health care costs. Visit UpToDate at www.uptodate.com.


Just for You:

The Winter symposium of the CMC Vellore this year was on Evidence Informed Healthcare. All plenary session presentation are available online. Do take some time to go through this "Treasure Trove"

Do You Know?

You can create a list of your favourite journals as a "Filter" in PubMed.

Go to PubMed and first go to the "Journals Database". Find out the "correct title" of every journal of your choice. For example, if you type "British Journal of Ophthalmology", you learn that the "correct title" is "The British Journal of Ophthalmology". Select your list of journals with their accurate titles. You can choose as many titles as you like. Create a search string as follows:

American Journal of Ophthalmology[Jour] OR The British Journal of Ophthalmology[jour] OR Ophthalmology[Jour] OR Cornea[Jour] OR Retina[Jour]

Next, login to My NCBI. (If you do not have an account, register for one). On the left menu bar, click "Search Filters" and then choose "PubMed" from the list of databases. Go to the Custom Filters tab (last tab). Click "Create a new one" (to create a custom filter). In the name field type in "My Opthalmology Journals" or any name of your choice. In the Search box, copy and paste the search string you created. Then click Run Filter. Next click Save Filter. Finally tick and select the check box next to My Ophthalmology Journals.
Go to the main PubMed page. Run any search - example - rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. On the right side, you will get a filter "My Ophthalmology Journals". Clicking this filter will give you a list of articles on your topic from your list of journals.


Our Forthcoming Programs / Lectures

Vasumathi Sriganesh will be delivering lectures at Nair Hospital Mumbai, at a workshop for Undergraduate Students, on "Techniques in Biotechnology", and three events organized by a Pharmaceutical company, for Cardiologists in various cities. We invite medical colleges/hospitals to contact us for organizing a program for PG students, faculty and health professionals. Please check out details at our website.


Other Events of Interest:

31st May 2010: Introduction to Evidence-Informed Healthcare, at the SACN, CMC Vellore. More details
The same workshop will also be held on 2nd Aug 2010

1st June - 5th June 2010: Systematic Review Protocol Development Workshop, at the SACN, CMC Vellore. More details

9th June - 12th June 2010: Medicon 2010: Conference for Undergraduate medical students focusing on Medical Research. Organized by INFORMER. More details

12th July - 15th July 2010: Ethical Issues in Health Research. Conducted by The Indian Institute of Public Health, New Delhi. More details

31st July - 1st Aug 2010: An Intermediate level Research Methodology Workshop conducted by the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology, jointly with Hinduja Hospital, at the P.D.Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai.

8th Nov - 12th Nov 2010: Systematic Review Protocol Completion and Review Update Workshop. Conducted by the SACN, CMC Vellore.

If you are organizing or know about other conferences, pre-conference workshops or training programs related to medical research, do let us know; we would like to include these in our website and newsletter.


Resources for You:

1. MDConsult. Doctors in India can avail of access to MDConsult at special rates, thanks to the efforts of the HELP Library. With MDConsult, you get access to about 50 reference books, 70 journals (including Clinics), Practice guidelines and lots more. For more details click here.

2. Supercourse Lectures. Supercourse is a repository of lectures on Global Health and Prevention designed to improve the teaching of Prevention. Supercourse is a library of 3623 lectures in 30 languages. It has been produced at the WHO Collaborating Center University of Pittsburgh, with core developers Ronald LaPorte and others.

Our Foundation has received a CD of entire content, and are distributing it for free to institutions during our training programs and also to anyone requesting for the same. This will be useful if you do not wish to view all lectures on the Internet for various reasons. Please get in touch with us at info@qmedkf.org.in if you wish to receive a copy.


Article of the Month

Sunil Dogra, Savita Yadav

Duplicate publication: What an editor can do?

Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol 2010;76:99-102

The authors explain what "Duplicate publication" in medical journals is all about and discuss how editors, peer reviewers and authors should deal with this serious issue. From simple actions like sensitizing authors through "Instructions to contributors", to using free tools like eTBLAST - http://www.etblast.org to hunt for similar/duplicate publications, the article serves as a good guideline to editors, authors and all interested in medical writing.

What we did –April 2010

Training Programs / Talks: Literature searching:

22nd - 23rd April 2010 - Three programs at the Maharshi Markandeshwar Institute of Medical Sciences, Mullana, Ambala for over 120 participants. The participants included faculty and students and was a huge success. Special thanks to Dr. Sanjay Bedi of the Medical Education Unit for making this happen.

28th April, 2010 - KEM Hospital, Mumbai, for 42 faculty members, organized by the Research Society.

Talks: Literature searching

11th April, 2010 - Lecture at the Nagari Eye Hospital as part of a one day workshop on Research Methodology.


Document Delivery of Journal Articles

In the month of April 2010, we delivered 115 articles to individual members, libraries and corporate clients. The total number of documents delivered since April 2009 is 2070.


Implementation of an E-Library project at the Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences ( JIVAS), Bengaluru.

We implemented an e-library project to meet the needs of the Consultants and DNB students of the Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences (JIVAS) Bengaluru. JIVAS provides ‘holistic care’ to the patient with vascular problems. The institute is also actively engaged in a large number of academic activities.

JIVAS had in their electronic collection, papers/abstracts, PowerPoint presentations, slides, images etc filed under different names in several computers and the number was steadily increasing. They needed these items to be organized and also searchable by keywords (MESH), title, author, subject etc.

In addition, doctors at JIVAS access and download quite a few articles frequently using online resources and they wanted these to be filed for easy retrieval. They also wished to have a monthly search in selected journals and / or databases, for articles on Vascular diseases / Vascular surgery and have these included in their collection.

We at QMedKF wanted to provide them with a cost effective solution. First, we used ‘Drop Box’ an online tool that allowed them to share their online articles with us automatically. This was by synchronization across their computers and ours through an online Server. Then, we chose “RefWorks” a low cost online research management, tool to catalog all their articles. RefWorks allowed us to download the Bibliographical details of almost all their articles from PubMed. We linked their full papers (or presentations, slides etc) to each respective bibliographical record.

Users at JIVAS will access their RefWorks Library through a read only password. Only authorized students and staff of JIVAS can use the database and the articles stored.

RefWorks is also a writing and collaboration tool that helps researchers easily gather, manage, store and share all types of information, as well as generate citations and bibliographies.

This e-library project was a very interesting one for QMedKF. Doctors/Library users at JIVAS are happy with the solution. Girish Kunkur, Director-Programs who managed this project with the team at QMedKF also trained the staff at JIVAS to use the e-library.


Request for Donations

This message is for YOU. Not for "someone else". We need support from every individual reading this newsletter. Every Rupee you donate or help us get will make a difference. Do contribute at least a day's salary/earnings to our Foundation any time you can. And do not forget to spread this message. We are constantly working at helping doctors become better doctors; this in turn helps them offer better treatment for you, your family and friends.

We accept donations by cheques in favour of Quality Medical Knowledge Foundation. Please send the cheques to our address, or write to us for our account details. You will get the applicable IT Exemption for donations under Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act.


Quote of the Month

"I am passionate about good training and to me good or excellent training is dependent on the results achieved when the training is concluded. It is not really important what happens in the training room but very important what happens after"

- Richard Denny


Directory of Indian Medical Sites (www.indianmedicalsites.in)

We have added 16 new sites in April and the total number of sites is about 3035.

We invite volunteers to add new sites. If you would like to help, do write to us and we will send you a set of instructions that will make it easier for you to work. Please write "Volunteering for Indian Medical Sites" in the Subject of the email.


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