QMedCONNECT Newsletter: April & May 2014


Dear friends

A warm hello from QMed! I know it is not just warm, but hot in most parts of India. April and May are vacation months for most. For us, these were leaner months as far as our  lectures and workshops were concerned.

We also had some exciting times in. Our Program Associate, Lakshmi got married to Kamlesh in April. We wish the couple a wonderful married life! Lakshmi and I also got to attend some interesting events and seminars for NGOs, on branding, communications, volunteering and many other aspects.  We were almost relieved to learn that creating newsletters, annual reports and other communications, was described as intensive work in these events, and by almost all participants!  The lovely part of course was the actual learning and inputs from wonderful trainers. So we hope that we will make our newsletters better and better in the coming months.

Apart from our regular lectures (as I said, few in these two months), I had the pleasure of delivering one at the Ashwini Adivasi Hospital, in Gudalur, Tamil Nadu. Having gone there on a personal trip to visit my childhood friend Dr. Gita who currently works there, I used the opportunity to give a lecture on literature searching to the health professionals. It is amazing to see really dedicated health professionals and others who work in such areas and have made tremendous changes in healthcare for the rural and tribal population. I also had the pleasure of meeting Drs Shyla and Nandakumar who run the hospital and Ms. Jyothi Chinnappa who heads nursing education. Jyoti stole my heart by scheduling a Mendeley session with me later at night, so that she could teach her students and also maintain the hospital’s small library collection.

Another place that I visited for the first time was the Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute. Set up by the Dr ML Dhawale Memorial Trust, in memory of Dr ML Dhawale, an MD turned Homeopath, the main location of the Trust and Hospital is at Palghar, but I was invited to deliver a lecture at another centre of their’s in Dahisar. This is a BMC centre and what struck me was the spotless cleanliness of the place. The students and faculty enjoyed the lecture, especially because I introduced a new resource – Homeoindex – which covers Homeopathy literature in detail.

And finally, we are excited that our E-Learning platform is progressing excellently. Lakshmi and I made a one day trip to Delhi to have some brainstorming on the next level. A lot has happened on the portal and we are now working hard at the content. The E-Learning portal is really like a baby – growing inside us just now – and taking the necessary number of months to evolve into a beautiful product. It does seem like a 9-month project!

Vasumathi Sriganesh


What we did –April & May


I)Talks on literature searching / referencing /citing at 

  1. KEM – PSM Dept, Mumbai – Apr 2
  2. LTMMC – Sion, Mumbai, for DNB students, Mumbai – Apr 29
  3. Research Methodology workshop organized jointly by JCOR, Hinduja Hospital, IJO, MOS – May 2
  4. LTMMC – Sion, Mumbai, for DNB students, Mumbai – May 15
  5. Ashwini Hospital, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu – May 27
  6. Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute – May 29

And a talk titled – “Learn right, share right – contributing to the evidence pool” by Vasumathi at an event organized for young doctors and medical students, by the Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai

II) Workshops@QMed:

  1. PubMed Basics – 3 UG students – (Jaipur, Mumbai)
  2. Cochrane Library – 3 UG students – (Jaipur, Mumbai)
  3. PubMed Basics & Advanced – 1 Consultant –  (Surat)
  4. PubMed Advanced – 3 Consultants – (Mumbai)
  5. Mendeley – 1 Consultant – (Mumbai)

QMed Participates

• India +SocialGood hosted an event for Non-profits on the 9th of April. Speakers discussed how India and its citizens are leveraging technology, innovation, people power, and partnerships to spur progress and positive change

• UnLtd India which had coached our CEO during the year 2010-11 held a two day networking event to celebrate their seventh anniversary. Vasumathi attended the event and had some extremely useful mentoring cum learning sessions. 

• iVolunteer had an event for NGOs to get a perspective on volunteering and also to explain their activities for NGOs. Vasumathi attended this event on the May 3

• iVolunteer organized a workshop on the creating and managing content for publications of NGOs (Annual reports, newsletters, blogs, social media etc). Vasumathi and Lakshmi attended this on May 17

• Helpyourngo.com organized an event on “Branding” for NGOs. Vasumathi and Lakshmi attended this on May 23

All these sessions contribute a lot to our activities. We would like to thank the organizations mentioned above for these events and workshops where we are charged nothing or small amounts and learn from the best of mentors / trainers.


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