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Dear friends 

I am delighted to share that a recent blog post I wrote - "Literature searching and the ideal researcher" prompted around 40 responses - the highest ever so far for our blog posts! For those who have  not read it, I would urge you to do so. It is never too late to add more comments. In fact I would be happy if you read more of my recent posts, and of course subscribe to our blog. We need lots more interactions, because it is only with your inputs that QMed can take things far ahead. 

I  hope you enjoy reading about Browzine, and also the article on evaluation Medical You Tube Videos, that we found very interesting. 

This month I attended an interesting event in Pune. Lift for Upliftment is an NGO in Pune started by medical students (from BJ Medical College) to coach underprivileged children for the NEET exams for joining any health sciences course. They have been at this effort for about three years, and this event on March 13, felicitated different students who succeeded in gaining admission to Government Colleges! Do check out their website and offer to help them in any way possible.  

Vasumathi Sriganesh


Did You Know


Browzine is an online journal browsing service that allows users to create a customized electronic journal library from approximately 14,500 academic journals. With a variety of available subjects and subcategories, it help users to discover, access as well as organise their own journal library in a systematic way. Users/libraries can access from Open Access journals and journals that they subscribe.

This library is usable from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device and searchable in multiple ways. Along with browsing it also allows one to save articles offline and share them through electronic media.

It would be great if our Medical Libraries explored this offering for their users too! 

Click here for a detailed blog post on Browzine

Click here to create your BrowZine library

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Interesting Reading 

Drozd B, Couvillon E, Suarez A. Medical YouTube Videos and Methods of Evaluation: Literature Review. JMIR medical education. 2018 Jan;4(1).

This is a review article where the authors have identified 37 studies that have checked and assessed YouTube Videos.The most common methods that authors used to find out videos and determine their quality were:

• Search for several videos on a topic, using all possible search terms

• Decide inclusion criteria for what kind of videos they would assess. 

• Deciding on what parameters they would assess videos

• Review videos individually (each author of a study would review)

• Collectively decide final results

• Analyze results and share details of usefulness/quality.   

However, this study found that there is no established method to evaluate the content of such videos. By compiling all criteria that were used for evaluation, and then identifying some more, one wonders that if some experts could arrive at a standard comprehensive method  of evaluation. If this happens, maybe researchers could re-evaluate videos on various topics with the standard criteria. And then such a study (maybe even a systematic review) could be done on all such papers!

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From QMed’s Calendar

Talks on Literature Search / Referencing & Citing at

• Vedantaa Institute of Medical Science - 7 March

• Ali Yavar Jung National Institute of Speech and Hearing Disabilities - 15 March


QMed Participates 

• Half Day Workshop on High Impact Presentation Skills, organized by BKC Knowledge Network & Bai Ratanbai Gharda Memorial Library. Vasumathi and Swapnali attended this event on 16th March, 2018. Many librarians from various Mumbai libraries made brief presentations about their libraries. Dr Dhanashree Date, a librarian by training, and currently General Manager of the Corporate Information Resource Centre of TCS commented on the presentations and also gave a great talk on how to make high impact presentations. 

• Vasumathi was  invited to conduct a book discussion on the book - 'The Librarian', authored by Kavitha Rao, at the Nehru Center Library on 22nd March, 2018. A work of fiction, the book highlighted the problems of public libraries and the decreasing reading culture, which obviously has a spillover to several areas of education and research. Public libraries and the reading culture need a strong boost! 




 Vasumathi with Kavitha at the Book Discussion of "The Librarian"


Lift for Upliftment - Dignitaries on the dias.


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