QMedCONNECT Newsletter: March 2015


Dear friends

March was a wonderful month for me. I got to visit the holy city of Varanasi (also called Benares). My husband had his earliest days of schooling here and wished to visit his school. The city, also famous for the river Ganga and its temples made me join him, and I of course wished to see the school that I had heard about during our nearly 40 years of married life! Having planned the trip, I also explored the options of delivering a couple of lectures and I was very happy when the College of Ayurveda at the Benares Hindu University invited me to deliver two lectures – one on literature searching and one on reference management. About 80 participants attended each of the lectures – mostly students and some  faculty members. I thank Dr Kishor Patwardhan who coordinated the planning. The faculty and head of the department have promised to invite QMed to conduct hands on workshops! The rest of the visit was great too – an energizing boat ride on the Ganga, visit to the temples and the evening “Aarti” on the banks of the holy river.

I also got to deliver a consumer oriented lecture on searching health information, for employees of NSEiT – a corporate organization. This was done as part of the Women’s Day initiatives by the company, and I thank them for choosing our lecture as a part of their events. Around 35 women attended the lecture and we had interesting questions and deliberations.

Vasumathi Sriganesh


Do You Know

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Interesting Reading

An article – Modeling course-based undergraduate research experiences: an agenda for future research and evaluation.

Corwin LA, Graham MJ, Dolan EL. Modeling course-based undergraduate research experiences: an agenda for future research and evaluation. CBE Life Sci Educ. 2015;14(1):es1. PMID:25687826

The article describes an initiative called CURES – Course based Underdgraduate Research Experiences as scalable ways to involve undergraduate students in Science Research.  We do need to explore such initiatives to see how we can encourage and develop research skills early in the careers of medical and health sciences students.


What we did – March 2015

I) Talks on literature searching / referencing /citing at 

• Ayurveda College, Banaras Hindu University, Banaras- March 16 & 17

• Clinical Pharmacology workshop for UG students at KEM- March 26

• Patient Awareness Lecture at NSEiT

II) Workshops@QMed

PubMed Basics / Mendeley:

We conducted five workshops@QMed for a total of five consultants and three students. Two consultants also attended the Mendeley workshop.


Participant Feedback

• This session with Mrs Sriganesh has quenched my thirst of understanding a simpler way of reviewing relevant articles. Hopefully this will be the foundation of making me an author soon.- Dr. Darshana Gadgil, KEM, Mumbai.

• I always dreaded research for two things, one searching for articles and two statistics. Problem one is solved thanks to this session. Hope it motivates me to read more and hence generate some meaningful research. – Ms Prapti Iyengar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.


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