QMedCONNECT Newsletter: Apr - Jul 2017


Dear friends 

Once again, we reach out to you after a gap of four months. I have to confess that after one colleague left towards the end of last year, we have had a fairly tight and tough schedule, as a result of which we did not bring out QMedCONNECT for about four months. Once again, I hope we can change this soon and get regular in our publication!

The last few months have been months of reflection, and what we need at QMed is someone who takes charge of communications, and also of all compliances regarding NGOs. Both these areas are time consuming and need both creativity and knowledge, and we need to get someone to handle these areas. 

We have delivered 12 lectures in the last four months and have conducted eight workshops. Of these, three were the special workshops for PG students which happened after a break.

The PG students workshops receive such high accolades, that we have decided to raise funds for these once more. Do click and donate here - the minimum donation is Rs. 100. (Donations in USD or GBP are also accepted, the minimum is 10, in each case). When several people donate small (to large) amounts, it is the little drops of water that make a mighty ocean.

Overall, we have had several good achievements. But we know we can do a lot more if ... conditions could be better

The reality is that we do need a larger team, if we have to do good outreach activities to ensure more workshops and ELearning activities. The Catch 22 situations is that it is VERY tough to raise money for salaries of people, even if they are project staff and not admin staff! 

We hope we can change all this soon. 

Vasumathi Sriganesh


Did You Know

Image database compilation by, Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries

Have you ever googled for any medical image - for any disease, illustration or figure? You may know that Google Images is a more specific resource. What we often are not aware is that images we find, may be subject to copyright, and we can not use them without permission and/or payment.  Well, there are various databases which are specially compiled to provide access to images. Importantly, they also have details of images that they provide.

The Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries made an effort to bring together such databases which are free for access. Do check out the ‘Finding, Downloading, and Managing Medical Images’ section of Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries which takes you to Ten image databases which are freely available online for fair use. Among these six databases are especially dedicated to medical images.  The range of resources each database varies from still images to moving pictures and some images date back to the 1500s.

So enjoy the treasure of medical images at- http://www.dartmouth.edu/~library/biomed/guides/research/medimages.html 


Interesting Reading

Ceylan, H., Güngören, N., & Küçükdurmaz, F. 

Tips and tricks for using the internet for professional purposes

EFORT Open Rev. 2017 May; 2(5): 126–134.

PMCID: PMC546767

There is no doubt that the internet has become the source for up-to-date knowledge for medical professionals. Online resources offer access to large amounts of information quickly with flexible e-learning tools in various formats. However, most researchers often fail to conduct an efficient literature search on the internet.

The right techniques in literature search save time and improve the quality of the retrieved data. Hence, this review paper briefly outlines the commonly used bibliographic databases, namely PubMed, Cochrane Library, Web of Science, Scopus, EMBASE, CINAHL and Google Scholar and briefly outlines some simple techniques that can use to improve their used of web-based information and e-learning resources. 


From QMed's Calendar

Talks on Literature Search / Referencing & Citing at

• Radpractice - A workshop for Radiologists - Apr 1

• Podar Ayurvedic College, Mumbai - Apr 11

• MECOR - a workshop for Chest specialists, organized by a group from the American Thoracic Society - Apr 24

• FAIMER Fellowship Program, Mumbai - Apr 26

• Webinar on literature searching, for Urology residents, sponsored by Sun Pharma - May 11

• Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune - May 16

• DNB Research Methodology Workshop at KEM, Mumbai - Jun 9

• HBT Medical College / Cooper Hospital - RM Workshop - Jun 16

• Medicon - a UG conference - JNMC, Sawangi Wardha - Jun 28

• RIMS, Ranchi - July 8

• Confluence - UG conference at KEM - Preconference workshop - July 25

• Research Methodology workshop at KEM - July 25


• Full day workshops on PubMed and Reference Management, in collaboration with The Union, India - Apr 8 & 9, at Shillong

• Half day Workshop for UG students, organized by Quest, at Mumbai - Apr 19

• Half day workshop for Nursing Personnel at MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai - Apr 20

• Half day Workshop for UG students, organized by Quest, at Pune - May 16

• Half day workshop at RIMS, Ranchi - July 8

The 100 PGs project: (For more details - click here)

• Mastering PubMed & Reference Management with Mendeley was held at QMed’s office on `26th June, 16th July & 30th July, seven PG students attended this workshop.


QMed Participates 

• The Huddle, organized by UnLtd India, an organization that had mentored us in the year 2010-11, and helped us get very focused in our goals and activities. - Apr 6

• MLA - Annual Meeting of the Medical Library Association, USA - May 27-31

• Workshop for NGOs organized by Daan Utsav & Guidestar India - July 24

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