QMedCONNECT Newsletter: November-December 2016


Dear friends 

After a long time, we had to combine two issues once again. November was a different month for us. There were no regular lectures and workshops, but we were involved in a workshop with a difference. The Aravind Eye Hospital group organized a workshop for Vision Science Librarians, in their hospital at Puducherry and I was invited to conduct three sessions and also help coordinate more. December made up for this and we had more of lectures and workshops. 

Then I attended the National Conference on Health Professions Education. This is an event I love attending, because I get to learn a lot about the medical education scenario, updates and the excellent work done by some medical teachers in the country. I am also happy that this year, I was accepted as a member of the Academy of Health Professions Educators. At the conference I attended two workshops as well. Nothing like being on the "learning side" sometime! 

Speaking of the learning side - I attended a workshop - Getting Things Done - organized by Calm Achiever - who are franchisees in India for this workshop. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has a large number of varied responsibilities in his or her life. 

Another one I attended was a small event for NGOs - Volcon+. I heard short talks on various aspects of volunteering and came away with several insights. I sincerely hope that both these will help me do lots more for QMed - efficiently and effectively

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2017! 

Vasumathi Sriganesh


Did You Know

 PubMed Journals

PubMed offers a new feature. Scroll down the home page and look for "Latest literature" on the left side of the page. Here you will find a small list of journals and an indication of new articles in them.
Below you will find a link "PubMed Journals"; click this link. You can find and choose journals to follow. First login to your "My NCBI account" (it is the same as what you use in PubMed). Find journals of your choice and just click "Follow". You could regularly check the PubMed journals feature and stay current with your journals. 


Interesting Reading

 Sharma S
How to become a competent medical writer?
Perspect Clin Res. 2010 Jan;1(1):33-7

Have you ever thought of medical writing as a career? Whether the answer is yes or no, medical writing is an integral part of every health professional’s life – both as a student and as a professional. When one writes “just to get a writing job done with” (thesis / article for getting an academic promotion), then one just learns as much as one needs to cross this perceived hurdle. But if one enjoys writing, then this article is recommended to get a great overview of career opportunities and the training it requires. Teachers who know all this can recommend this to students to stimulate an interest in writing. 

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From QMed’s Calendar

Talks on Literature Search / Referencing & Citing at

• Aravind Eye Hospital, Puducherry - for librarians: 19th Nov 2016

• Indian Psychiatric Society - Western Region - for PG students - 3rd Dec 2016

• Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the Hearing Handicapped - for PGs - 7th Dec 2016

• KEM Hospital - Occupational Therapy Dept - for PG students - 14th Dec 2016

Keynote lectures

• Topic: Open Source Softwares in the Library
       Event: Koha Workshop
       Organized by: Durgadevi Saraf Institute of Management Studies
       Target: Librarians -
       Date: 11th Nov, 2016

• Topic: Competencies for Vision Science Librarians
       Event: Workshop for Vision Science Librarians
       Organized by: Aravind Eye Hospital
       Venue: Aravind Eye Hospital, Puducherry
       Date: 20th Nov, 2016

Our blog post carries a few details about lectures we have delivered.


• Mastering PubMed & Reference Management with Mendeley  - organized by the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology - open to anyone interested - on 18th Dec 2016. It was attended by 16 participants

• One student who had completed her MBBS degree attended the PubMed and Mendeley workshop at QMed - on 21st and 22nd Dec. 

Follow up Webinar for workshop participants

• We held a follow up webinar for participants of the workshop conducted in collaboration with The Union, in October. Majority of participants joined in. The webinar was done to demonstrate a search strategy on a topic that was given to participants as an assignment. Further discussions on doubts were also addressed. 


QMed Participates 

The Aravind Eye Hospital group organized a workshop for Vision Science Librarians, in their hospital at Puducherry. They had their own library staff from their five hospitals and also four vision science librarians from other parts of India. The theme was centred around how their libraries should upgrade themselves in the electronic era. Vasumathi conducted a session on important resources & how to search them, use a reference manager and an interactive session on competencies. At the end of the session every librarian promised to work on at least one area of competency improvement, after this workshop. 

Vasumathi Sriganesh attended the NCHPE 2016 (National Conference on Health Professions Education). She attended two preconference workshops - one on Experiential learning & reflective practices, and the other on Medical Humanities. Both were great experiences. The one on Humanities covered the "Theatre of the Oppressed" - where participants were first made to do activities that got them out of regular patterns. And then they had demonstrations on how someone oppresses another, and how they could collectively think of alternatives to manage the oppression. Participants later were divided into two groups. Each group created their story of oppression and put up a small skit. In longer workshops, participants put up the skits in front of large audiences and invite audience participation to demonstrate alternatives of managing oppression, but time did not permit such a session here. However the workshop was just great learning!  

The theme of the conference was "Professionalism" and there were posters, panel discussions and more, on all aspects of professionalism. Overall - it was a collection of insights and good networking opportunity


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