QMed will in the near future present you with E-Learning modules on Literature Searching and Reference Management.  We are working hard on these. You will not only learn techniques but also get to test yourself through quizzes and tests to reinforce what you learn! We’d like to reach out to maximum number of health science students and professionals through the medium of e-learning.

We are happy to share a demo of the type of content that you will find in our modules. We are presenting sections from two courses

  1. Introduction to Health Information Resources
  2. Searching Information Resources

From the first- you will see snippets of two sections

  • Know your information resources
  • Classification of Resources

From the second you will see a snippet of –

  • Principles of Searching

Click here to see a demo of our course contents.

Please note: 

  • This is a ‘preview demo’ of what will feature in QMed’s E-Learning modules.
  • Majority of the presentation will play in an auto-advance mode i.e the slides will change automatically after a few set seconds. Some slides with the word ‘Interactivity’ in the title contain either text/images or quizzes which you need to click, to learn more/solve them. Once you finish reading you need to click the ‘close button’ to advance to the next slide.