Helping 100 Postgraduate Medical Students Do Better Research For Their Thesis

In October 2016, during Daan Utsav, QMed raised funds to assist 100 PG students* with the
“Literature Searching and Reference Management” component of their theses. 

How will QMed assist 100 PGs?

  • We will conduct a full day hands on workshop on
    a) Mastering PubMed and
    b) Reference Management with Mendeley
    These – for only 10 students at a time
    (For details of each workshop’s coverage please visit this page) 
  • We will later mentor each student for the searching, citations and bibliography for his/her individual thesis topic.

*Note: This is applicable to Mumbai based PGs only, for logistical reasons.

Why should you as a postgraduate student join this initiative, when you have the Research Methodology Workshop? 

  • We cover LOTS more than we do in the RMW lecture. (The lecture on searching is of 1-hour duration. The workshop is one full day with hands on practice. And reference management is not taught in the RMW)
  • You will get more personalized attention than in our regular workshops
  • After the workshop you will get support for your individual thesis topic
  • And as a result, you will save loads of time, and you will have much more relevant literature for your thesis

In addition:

  • The cost of assisting one PG student works out to Rs. 2500/- and QMed has subsidized this for you, through a fund-raising program that we did in October 2016.
  • You will be required to give a small contribution of Rs. 500/- to the Foundation, and not Rs. 2500/- which would be the real cost

Eligibility: You are eligible if you:

  • Are a PG student doing MD / MS / MDS / MSc or related health sciences PG courses like Nursing, Physiotherapy, OT etc
  • Have not yet submitted your thesis, and have enough time to work on it

What do you – as a PG student have to commit to?

  • Attending a one day workshop on literature searching and reference management
  • Attending the entire workshop – which means coming on time and staying till the end. Please do not choose an “on call day” to attend the workshop
  • Work on the literature search & citations & references for the thesis topic, by taking guidance from us in person, or through Skype / Google Hangout.

 (In other words we will guide you by helping you with your doubts and offering suggestions, but you will carry  out the work)

Workshop Venue

So far the workshops have been held at:

  • Seth GS Medical College / KEM Hospital – Library (Telemedicine Hall)
    We thank Dr Supe and the authorities of Seth GS Medical College for assistance with the venue. We thank the library team for all their assistance. 
  • QMed’s office in Andheri East

We can hold the program in your institution, if we have groups of ten PGs, and the college can provide us with a room / hall, projector and Internet facility (Or if the group is ready to use Dongles or Wifi hotspots from mobile phones)

How can a PG student register for this program?

  • If you are a PG student in a Mumbai based institution and wish to get trained in these skills and also receive personalized help for the searching and referencing for your thesis, please fill in this registration form.
  • Please make your contribution of Rs. 500 before you fill the form, as you will need to fill in the necessary details.

Methods of payment

  • Direct bank transfer to QMed –
    Account Name – Quality Medical Knowledge Foundation
    Savings A/c No : 395010100192880
    IFS CODE : UTIB0000395
    Axis Bank Ltd MIDC-Andheri (Mumbai) Branch
  • Through Instamojo – using a Debit or Credit card – Please click here.
  • No cash or on the spot payments please

 Once we receive payment from 100 eligible PG students (based on criteria we have mentioned), we will stop  accepting forms.

For any questions please email or call 40054474 (or 9867292230 after 5 PM)

Workshop Dates:

  • Next workshop – tentatively on Sun Sep 24

Note: If you are

  • An Undergraduate student
  • A PG student who has already submitted your thesis
  • A super specialty student
  • A PhD student of any health sciences stream
  • A faculty in a medical college / teaching program
  • In private practice

You could either attend a Workshop@QMed (we take one to three participants), at our office in Andheri East, or you could organize one in your institution if there is a minimum of 18 participants. –Do visit our website page  –

Do specifically check out the sections – Content coverage, Workshop details, Registration & Confirmations and Donations/Payments for details

Participants registered for forthcoming workshops for the 100 PGs program

(Registered participants get a priority for forthcoming workshops.)

Sr. No. Name Institute Date Confirmed
1. Bangi Najnin Ladkhan Tata Memorial Hospital ————–
2. Nilesh Nagorao Haran Tata Memorial Centre ————–
3. Priyanka Gupta Seth GSMC – KEM ————–
4. Rajesh Fanindra Katre Seth GSMC – KEM ————–
5. Renju Ravi  Seth GSMC – KEM  ————–

Participants who attended earlier workshops:

13 August, 2017 – Workshop 9

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Kunal A. Shah Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Sapkal Ashwini Baburao Seth GSMC – KEM

30 July, 2017 – Workshop 8

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Bhaskar Ambika Ramraj Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Anushka Prabhudesai TNMC-Nair

16 July, 2017 – Workshop 7

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Akanksha Pradip Dani Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Chandrika Nemaji Dandekar Seth GSMC – KEM
3. Maheshchandra M.Chape LTMMC – Sion
4. Priyanka S Shenoy Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Yetalkar Ashwini Digamberrao Seth GSMC – KEM

26 June, 2017 – Workshop 6

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Kokate Abhishek Rajendra Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Munshi Abdul Muzil Abdul Aziz Asian Heart Institute
3. Neha Gawarle Seth GSMC – KEM
4. Rahini S Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Tilottama Wankhede Seth GSMC – KEM

28 March, 2017 – Workshop 5

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Barsha Pathak Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Bhanupriya Pande Seth GSMC – KEM
3. Pritee Dharmale Seth GSMC – KEM
4. Rashmi S Kulkarni Seth GSMC – KEM

18 February, 2017 – Workshop 4

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Amarnath D. PD Hinduja
2. Anusha C P Seth GSMC – KEM
3. Aritra Kumar Bose Seth GSMC – KEM
4. Gauri Thorat Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Niharika Pant Seth GSMC – KEM
6. Ram Vishvanath Bhagyawant TNMC – Nair
7. Ruhi dass Seth GSMC – KEM

05 February, 2017 – Workshop 3

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Anindita Banerjee Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Anuradha Mohapatra Seth GSMC – KEM
3. Daljeet Kaur TNMC – Nair
4. Kanakalakshmi Swaminathan Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Roopal V Nipurte Seth GSMC – KEM
6. Saurabha U S Seth GSMC – KEM

29 January, 2017 – Workshop 2

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Deepal Tarun Shah Seth GSMC – KEM
2. Jyoti Prakash Panda Seth GSMC – KEM
3. Meghana Baburao Kate Seth GSMC – KEM
4. Neha Dilip Herlekar Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Priyanka Singh Seth GSMC – KEM
6. Ramakrishna Umesh Kamath Seth GSMC – KEM
7. Shilpa Prakash Rathod Seth GSMC – KEM

15 January, 2017 – Workshop 1

Sr. No. Name Institute
1. Ajinkya Sanjay Rodge TNMC – Nair
2. Evith Pereira MGM Medical College, Navi Mumbai
3. Hemant R. Kanase Seth GSMC – KEM
4. Miteshkumar Maurya Seth GSMC – KEM
5. Pavan Dhoble PD Hinduja National Hospital
6. Pratik Chaudhari Seth GSMC – KEM
7. Pratik Tibdewal Seth GSMC – KEM